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Spotify Chart Watch – Mar. 18, 2014

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Global Highlights:

Katy’s been ruling the Global Spotify-50 for the last two months, but a new song might be coming to steal the top spot soon.

“Dark Horse”, Katy Perry’s mega-hit, is #1 for the fifth week in a row this week. The song amassed nearly 7.8million streams and has been at the top of the Global Spotify-50 since mid-February. But this might be the last week at the top, as “Rather Be”, the viral smash from Clean Bandit, is rising fast.

UK listeners already know all about the track featuring Jess Glynne, but it certainly looks like the rest of the world is catching on as well. “Rather Be” has moved up a spot each week since blasting into the Global Top-5 earlier this morning. This week it moved #3-#2 and sits just 300,000 streams behind “Dark Horse”. Will next week be the week Clean Bandit steals the top spot? Watch this space to see!

Another recent mainstay in the Top-3 of the Global Spotify-50, Pitbull’s “Timber” actually rose a spot this week #4-#3, and Pharrell’s “Happy” drops #2-#4.

SokoRounding out the Top-5 is another Viral Hit that’s making waves around the globe. The Chainsmokers’ “#SELFIE” started its run by topping the Spotify Viral Chart and has certainly made the transition to the Spotify-50, jumping a whopping 38 spots (!!) all the way up to #5, largely thanks to the song’s exploding popularity in Sweden. This is one of the biggest jumps we’ve ever seen on the Global Spotify-50 and it’ll be really interesting to see what happens next week!

The most viral song in the world this week is “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow”, a track from French singer Soko’s 2012 I Thought I Was An Alien. This is the song featured in the viral video “First Kiss” which currently has 60 million views and counting, showing again that the Spotify Viral Chart is the best chart out there for capturing the music zeitgeist in real time!

#2 on the Global Viral Chart this week is “Far From Any Road” by The Handsome Family, the theme song to HBO’s hit series True Detective

Foster The People’s highly-anticipated new album Supermodel comes out this week, and to build even more excitement for the record they released the track “Best Friend” last week. Clearly the strategy worked, because the track is #3 on the Global Viral Chart this week.


US Highlights:

JohnLegendThe top spot on the US Spotify-50 still belongs to Queen Perry, “Dark Horse” is #1 for the ninth week in a row. The song’s stream total has been decreasing since early February, but there really hasn’t been a massive hit to knock it out of the top spot yet. 

The song in the best position to do that, right now, is “Talk Dirty” from Jason Derulo and 2 Chainz. It’s up a spot #3-#2 this week, but has been experiencing a decline in streams of its own. 

John Legend’s “All of Me” is up two spots this week #5-#3, thanks to a nice 150,000 bump in streams. Bastille’s “Pompeii” and Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love”, two non-strangers to the Top 5, come in at #4 and #5 respectively. 

Pharrell’s “Happy” enjoyed an Oscar bump last week and hit #2, but this week it drops seven spots #2-#9.

Interesting to note:   Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” is still only #42 on the US Spotify-50, despite it being the second-most-streamed song in the world this week. We’ll have to wait to see if the US catches up to the rest of the world on this track and pushes it to the #1 spot on the Global Chart!

Soko’s “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” is the most viral song in the US this week. In at #2 is former American Idol Lee DeWyze. His track “Blackbird” song was featured at both the beginning and end of the March 9th episode of The Walking Dead. 

The new Foster the People track rounds out the top-3.


UK Highlights:

Clean Bandit continues their reign atop the UK Spotify-50. “Rather Be” is #1 for the seventh week in a row, besting “Dark Horse” by nearly 200,000 streams. “Horse” has been #2 in the UK for each of the last three weeks.

Route94Sam Smith spends his third week in a row at #3 with his track “Money on My Mind”. After a quick rise to the Top-5, the track seems to have reach its peak for now, blocked by the two wildly popular and record-breaking songs at the top.

And keep an eye on the track at #5 this week, the debut single from British deep house producer/DJ Route 94. “My Love” features the vocals of the UK’s newest pop star Jess Glynne (of “Rather Be” feature fame) and jumped 45 spots on the UK Top-50 this week #50-#5. We really don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say that two tracks with Jess Glynne vocals will be occupying the top two spots in the UK in the near future.

Soko has the most viral track in the UK this week, but coming in second is the latest from #SXSpotify performer Glass Animals. Their new song “Gooey” is #2, and Linkin Park’s “Guilty All The Same (ft. Rakim) is #3. 


Ones to Watch:

Foster The People has been owning the Viral Chart in 2014 with the singles released ahead of their new album Supermodel. That album finally sees release this week, so expect to see lots of Foster on next week’s tracks. New albums from YG, Skrillex, and Enrique Iglesias should storm the charts as well.

Also look out for new tracks from Calvin Harris, Sia, and Chief Keef. Follow this playlist to see all of Spotify’s latest releases in the US, and search for “New Releases on Spotify” to see the playlists from elsewhere in the world!


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