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Spotify & BandPage Partner to offer VIP “Experiences”



We’re excited to announce that starting today, artists can use BandPage to get their offers onto Spotify and in front of our 40 million users.

Since we launched our merchandise feature last year, we’ve seen thousands of artists add merchandise to their artist pages on Spotify. It’s not only helped to drive additional revenue for artists, but alongside concert tickets, our merchandise feature gives fans more ways to connect with and support their favourite artists.

With the new BandPage integration, we’re taking things further! Now, in addition to traditional merchandise like T-Shirts, vinyl and posters, you can offer your fans “experiences.” Experiences are things like private online concerts, meet and greets, song collaborations or anything you think your fans will enjoy.

To kick things off we have some great offers from some fantastic artists:

Pre-Order Ariana Grande’s album and get access to an exclusive online concert.

Pre-Order Ariana Grande’s album and get access to an exclusive online concert. Click the image to see this offer on Spotify.


Miranda Lambert’s Koozie & T-Shirt bundle.

Miranda Lambert’s Koozie & T-Shirt bundle. Click the image to see this offer on Spotify.


Like the existing merchandise options on Spotify, the new BandPage integration is completely free for artists. You can get your merch offers onto Spotify with a free BandPage account and Spotify doesn’t take any fees or commissions. You also don’t need to change how you currently sell merchandise; you can link to your existing online store or if you don’t have one, you can create a BandPage store (transaction fees may apply for this option).

If you already have merchandise on Spotify via ArtistLink and want to use BandPage instead, you’ll need to visit spotify.artistlink.com and deactivate the offers you no longer want to show. You can only show three items within Spotify at any one time.

To get started head to spotify.bandpage.com and follow the instructions. You can also check out the FAQ here.

We’re looking forward to seeing the types of experiences artists come up with for their virtual merch table!

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  • Grzegorz Bojanek

    Hod does that work, when my music is uploaded to Spotify by a third party company. Can I still somehow start my own account here and assign all albums on Spotify to my account?

    • http://SpotifyArtists.com/ Mark Williamson

      If your music is uploaded by a 3rd party label or aggregator then you can still get a verified account which you can use to make playlists and share music with your fans. See how to do that here: http://www.spotifyartists.com/best-practice-verification

      For merchandise, it doesn’t matter how your music is delivered to Spotify as long as you have the rights to sell the merchandise.

  • Rachel

    This is great! Can you pre-order albums from spotify or is that something that has still to happen?