Get your music on Spotify

All music on Spotify is delivered by labels and distributors. Music cannot be directly uploaded to Spotify.

If you already have a deal with a label or distributor:

Spotify likely already has a deal with your label or distributor. All you need to do to get your music on Spotify is ask them to make your music available on Spotify. If you have only recently signed to them then it may take a few weeks for your music to be delivered to Spotify.

If you do not have a deal with a label or distributor:

We have deals in place with many companies who can deliver your music to us.  These services will handle the licensing and distribution of your music and will also administer the royalty payments that accrue from your streams on Spotify. There is usually a small fee or percentage cut involved in using these services.

These are some of the aggregators we work with that provide music for Spotify:

Artist Aggregators: Tunecore, CDBaby, EMU Bands, Record Union
Label Aggregators: Fuga, INgrooves, Finetunes
Full Discography PageA discography page is where an artist’s music lives on Spotify, including Albums, Singles, and 'Appears On' Tracks.  This page is automatically created when your content is sent to Spotify.  It can also include merchandise and tour dates - helping artists to make the most of their spotify presence. Once you have 250 followers, you can verify your artist page here. This will allow you to merge your user account (whether your personal or newly created, separate Spotify account) with your discography page and share playlists with your fans. We license our artist images from the Rovi database. You can submit your image to Rovi here. If you’re a Spotify Fan Insights user, you can update your image directly from Fan Insights by clicking on your artist image in the upper left hand corner.  

Please fill out our content relocation form here and someone from the content team will address your problem as soon as possible.

As you might know, we have entered into agreement with the major labels and the biggest indie aggregators such as Merlin Networks (representing thousands of labels such as Beggars Group, Domino, Kontor, Finetunes, PIAS and many more), The Orchard, CDBaby, INgrooves and IODA. Going through an aggregator that already has set up an agreement and delivery process with us is the fastest and easiest way to go for labels.

If you collaborate with any of these distributors already, then contact them to get your content on Spotify. Or, if you are distributing your content through another distributor, then please let us know - maybe it’s one we have a deal with.

If you don't have a deal with an aggregator/distributor, then the easiest and fastest way on board is to become a Merlin member (which is free of charge) - then you will automatically be covered by our agreement with them. More info is found here: http://www.merlinnetwork.org/join/

Once you have an agreement through Merlin, then we can provide you with the delivery details.


Verified Account Alt-J Artists with over 250 followers can claim their discography by submitting an artist verification request. Verification merges an artist's discography with a user profile of their choice, and allows them to share playlists directly with their fans. To find out more about artist verification, click here. Spotify Fan Insights users can update their artist profile image directly from Fan Insights. To request access, click here.

Please reach out to your distributor to have them submit a takedown request to Spotify.  We are unable to manually take down a product on Spotify.  

If your music is on Spotify, even though you haven’t sent it to us, it’s likely that your label or distributor has done so. Please contact them directly to rectify this issue.

To submit a claim that you own full copyright for the album and that licensors no longer have the rights to distribute it you should file a claim at https://www.spotify.com/us/legal/infringement-form/.

Please fill out our content relocation form here and someone from the content team will create a new discography for you as soon as possible.

Please fill out our content relocation form here and someone from the content team will remove the incorrect content from your discography as soon as possible.


On Spotify, all products 30 minutes or less and/or with 5 tracks or less are considered EPs.  The Spotify discography displays Singles/EPs in the “Singles” section to help listeners better find what they’re looking for.  

We get all of our content via metadata delivered through an automatic feed from your label or distributor. This includes music, album art, and track level information. We have no way to change this data manually, so you'll need to contact your digital distributor to have them submit a metadata update if any of this information is incorrect.

If your content has landed on the incorrect artist page or content that is not yours is on your artist page please go here to submit a request to move.

Grow Your Followers

There are many ways to promote your music on Spotify:

  • Initially, you can build followers by submitting high quality recordings, sharing your discography on social media, and taking advantage of both the Play Button and the Follow Button.

  • Ensure that your branding is up to date by updating your artist image from Fan Insights

  • Once you have reached 250 followers, claim your discography with your user profile by applying for verification.  This will allow you to post playlists and send messages directly from your artist page.  It will also allow you to brand your playlists with cover images and descriptions.

 Prior to verification, the experience on Spotify centers around these two properties: 



Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.40.12 AM


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.35.31 AM

Unverified artists can build followers by:
  • Integrating a Play Button and Follow Button into your website and social media
  • Sharing the link to your artist discography  
  • Encouraging fans to share playlists containing your music.    
  • Encouraging followers of your personal profile to also follow your artist discography.


**Once your Artist Discography has reached 250 followers, you can combine your discography and your profile by applying for a Verified Artist Page.     


Once your profile is verified and you’ve got a playlist or two ready to go, it’s time to share your Spotify activity with your followers.

To set up your profile for sharing:

1. Go to the menu bar, click on Spotify, then Preferences
2. Uncheck the option to make new playlists public.

This enables you to shape a new playlist before making it visible to fans.

3. Link to Facebook.
You’ll also have the ability to choose to connect your Spotify profile to your Facebook account. This will share your listening history to Facebook automatically.  
Please note: We are unable to connect Verified Spotify profiles to Facebook Pages at this time.


To Share to Facebook:

  • As we are currently unable to directly connect Facebook pages to Verified Spotify profiles, the best way to share to Facebook fan pages is to copy and paste a Spotify link directly onto the Facebook fan page.

  • Right click on the song, playlist or album, then click ‘Copy HTTP link’.

Copy HTTP Link

  • Paste the HTTP link into the ‘Status’ field on your Facebook page. The song, playlist or album info will display automatically.

  • Delete the link from the ‘Status’ field and add a personal message.

  • Click ‘Post’.



To Share to Twitter:

  • Right click on the song, playlist or album, then click ‘Share’.

  • Add a comment that people will see once the playlist or track is posted to your feed.

  • Ensure that only Twitter is selected.

  • Click ‘Share’.

Share to Twitter


To Share to Tumblr:

  • Right click on the song, playlist or album, then click ‘Share’.

  • Add a comment that people will see once the playlist or track is posted to your feed.

  • Ensure that only Tumblr is selected.

  • Click ‘Share’.

Share with Tumblr

Spotify’s embeddable Play Button is a short piece of code that can be placed on any web-page, allowing you to create a music player quickly and easily.
Users can then listen to your Spotify playlists, tracks and discography without ever having to leave your site.

1. To get the code: just right-click on the playlist, track or album you want to share. Choose ‘Copy Embed Code’ and the code will be copied to your clipboard.










2. Paste the code into your website build, and a Spotify Play Button will appear on your site!


Add a Spotify Follow to your webpage to make it even easier for your fans to follow you!

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.25.44 PM

Users can click on the green Follow button and follow both your discography and Spotify profile instantly. They’ll then receive e-mail, mobile and in-Spotify notifications any time you release new music or share activity in Spotify. More followers = more streams of your music!

To generate a code for a Follow Button and to see more detailed information, just click here.

Yes! We encourage fans to follow you on Spotify by posting your Spotify URL.

We recommend adding your URL to --

  • Facebook "About" section
  • Your Twitter bio
  • YouTube descriptions

Finding your Artist Page URL

You can find your URL by doing the following:

  • Go to your artist page
  • Right-click on your artist name
  • Click 'Copy HTTP Link'
  • Paste


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.34.09 PM                     Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.33.42 PM

The Browse page is algorithmic based on streaming data. This means that the albums are recommended based on what other people are listening to in your region. All new albums that get uploaded to the service are put into the algorithm, and if a lot of people listen to it in a particular area it will show up on the page.

The more you are followed, shared and appear in playlists, the more you will appear in a user’s Discover Feed.


Spotify has an in-house human curation team that uses  research, data, and trends to populate these playlists based on parts of your day, moods and genres. Therefore, there is no formal submission process. The best way to be considered for Spotify playlists is to make your content as visible as possible and maintain an active presence on Spotify. Visit our Guides and Best Practices section to get started on building your fan engagement on Spotify.

Spotify Sessions are extremely limited in nature and are typically part of a larger campaign around an upcoming release coordinated by your label or distributor.

Verify your Artist Page

Artists with over 250 followers can claim their discography by submitting an artist verification request. Verification merges an artist's discography with a user profile of their choice, and allows them to share playlists directly with their fans.

To find out more about artist verification, click here.

 1.  Set up a Spotify profile

You’ll need a normal Spotify profile to get started. If you don’t already have a profile for the artist, you can create a free one by signing up with an email address here: Create Spotify profile

2.  Ensure that you have 250 followers, then complete the Verification form

Once you’ve setup the profile, please complete the Spotify Verification Request form.

To help us verify the profile, be ready with the following information:

  • Your artist name and the link to your Discography page (If there is a problem with your discography or your albums appear on more than one page, click here.)

  • Your number of discography page followers (include a screenshot like the one below)

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.36.36 PM

  • A link to the user profile you would like merged with your artist discography page.

You can find this link by going to your personal user profile (the one you use to listen to music), clicking on the ellipses underneath your name and clicking “copy Spotify URI.”

  • The email address associated with your user profile.

  • The preferred display name for the profile.

  • A link to a twitter account associated with the artist. Please note that twitter credentials are not stored in any way.

3.   Wait for Verification

Verification can take up to a up to 4 weeks, but if you encounter any issues with the process feel free to reach out to artists@spotify.com.

4.   Make sure your image is up to date

We license our default images directly through Rovi. To update your image, sign up for Spotify Fan Insights.



Once verified, your Artist Discography becomes merged with your Spotify Profile.  All posts, shares, and playlists made on your personal profile will now also display on your Artist Discography.  To continue promoting your combined Artist Page:


  • Share playlists with your followers - fans love to hear what you’re listening to!

  • Brand your playlists with custom images and descriptions.

  • Remain engaged by following profiles that interest you and updating your fans with favorite tracks and new releases.  

  • Ensure that your profile image is up to date by submitting an update to the Rovi Portal.


Verified users have the ability to add cover images and descriptions to their playlists.  


To brand your playlist:

1. Click on the default cover image

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.07.04 AM


2. You will be presented with a dashboard prompting you to update the title, cover image, and write a brief description of your playlist.  Once you are done click save, and the changes will be automatically displayed.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.07.26 AM


  • In the left hand navigation bar, click ‘+ New Playlist’. Give your playlist a name and hit enter.

  • Search among millions of songs from Spotify’s catalog.

  • Add a song to a playlist by dragging & dropping the song into the playlist in the left hand navigation bar.

  • Each new playlist is saved to your account and is accessible across your desktop, browser & mobile platforms.

  • Once verified, you can brand your playlists with images and descriptions directly from the desktop platform.


For tips on creating your first playlist, click here.

For an Ultimate Guide To Playlisting click here

You can send tracks, albums, and playlists to your followers by clicking on the ellipses button next to the content, selecting share, and then selecting “Post to followers.”


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.18.04 AM


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.19.50 AM



If you both follow each other, you can also select “Send To” and begin typing the name of the person you wish to direct message.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.20.20 AM

An artist page (discography page where the content lives) is automatically created when metadata is delivered to Spotify. This page is where your content, Popular Tracks, Related Artists, and biography live. This content you are unable to manually manipulate. If you wish to update your content you will need to reach out to your distributor. If you wish to update your biography and photo, you will need to reach out to Rovi.


Once you become verified you are able to log in as the artist. Verified artists can use their Artist Page to share playlists, messages, and other activity with their followers.  

To access your verified Artist Page, simply sign in with the same credentials used to sign in to your personal profile.  If you do not have the credentials for your profile, please reach out to customer support.

Spotify pulls all default artist images and biographies from the Rovi Database (the same database used by AllMusic).

If you want to change your artist image, you can upload a new photo using Spotify Fan Insights — which is available to all artists and managers. Other members of an artist’s team can also send new images to us for consideration by filling out the form linked here.

To ensure quality and consistency across all platforms, Spotify gets its metadata (including artist names, track titles, album titles, album covers, and release dates) directly from the distributor.  In order to change the artist name displayed on your discography, it is necessary to contact your distributor directly and request a metadata update.


  • Discography + User Profile: Once an artist is verified, their user profile is merged with their discography, creating a single artist page.

  • Badge: A small blue check mark goes next to your name, letting your followers know that you are verified.

  • Followers: After the pages are combined, your followers will be too (artist discography page + user profile followers).

  • Notifications: Anytime you release music or create a playlist on the service all the followers of the profile will be notified automatically.

  • Log In: You will still be able to log in and make playlists on the same account.


The experience is only different externally - as in users will see all activity as coming from the artist page. The playlist-creation and login is exactly the same.


Pages are usually updated within four weeks. Please submit requests being mindful of this timeline.

Requiring artists to build a small following on Spotify before verification helps us to verify artists in a timely way and improve our overall artist support.  

Find out how you can build followers prior to verification here.

User Profile - G-Eazy


A Spotify profile is where a user can create & publish playlists and share & listen to music.  

Verified artist profiles become merged with discographies for easier sharing.  

You can sign up of a new profile here.

No problem.  You can set up a separate user account here that can be used for this purpose.

Keep in mind, however, that the more active you are on your merged account, the better you can engage with your fans. 

Artists and managers can update their header using Fan Insights. If you’re another member of an artist’s team, you can also do so via this form. Once you update your image, your artist page will receive the new header design.

Guides and Best Practices

We’ve rolled out a simpler design for artist pages in our desktop app. The new design gives more emphasis to your full artist image, while removing the secondary profile photo. Instead of managing two different photos, now you’ll have a consistent look that runs throughout all of Spotify. If you want to update your image to optimize it for the new design, you do so from Spotify Fan Insights. Artists and manager without access can request it here. Other members of an artist's’ team can also submit a new image for an artist page using this form.
No — artist pages now showcase a single artist photo instead of two separate images.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.28.41 AM

In partnership with Songkick, upcoming tour dates can appear on the artist page. If your tour dates are on Songkick, they will automatically appear on your artist page.

If you do not currently have your tour dates on Songkick you can go to Tourbox (tour date management platform) where you can start managing your Songkick artist page and edit dates (as well as sync all your other online profiles so you only have to enter once to publish everywhere). Check out Songkick’s website or email spotifysupport@songkick.com for more information on the Spotify integration!

Please contact Songkick directly at spotifysupport@songkick.com.

Include the links to both the incorrect artist page and your proper artist page.  

In partnership with Merchbar, Spotify automatically displays listings of authentic merchandise on artist pages. Merchbar makes it easy to list your merchandise on Spotify. Merchbar has partnered with a large number of artists, merch companies, record labels and a wide range of distributors around the world. If you work with a merch company or your merch is managed by a label or distributor, Merchbar likely has an existing partnership with your merch provider - all you need to do is ask them to make your merchandise available on Merchbar. If you manage your merchandise independently, don’t worry - Merchbar has several options for listing your merchandise on Merchbar and Spotify. Click here to learn more about joining Merchbar. If you or your merch partner already lists merchandise on Merchbar, up to three products will automatically be shown on your Spotify artist page. If you have more than three products available on Merchbar, Merchbar automatically optimizes the products shown to maximize fan engagement and sales based on fan interactions, purchases, product availability and other factors. For more information on how to start selling merchandise and vinyl on Spotify or to find out if your merch company is a Merchbar partner click here.
Starting June 22, we'll be transitioning from BandPage to Merchbar to manage merchandise listings on Spotify. In cases where you have merch available via BandPage not currently available on Merchbar, Spotify will continue to display these offers until July 20, 2016 giving you a chance to transition to Merchbar. If there are specific items from Merchbar you wish to have featured on Spotify, you can reach out to them directly (https://www.merchbar.com or email artists@merchbar.com) to help with your request.  
Merchbar is a full service music merchandise retailer that works directly with artists and artists’ teams, record labels, merch companies and official distributors to create a single, unified destination for fans to discover and buy their favorite artists’ merchandise and vinyl. Like previous systems, Merchbar lists products from multiple sources but unlike previous systems Merchbar eliminates the need for manual entry of new products or manual management of listings.
This allows Merchbar to do the following:
  • automatically import new products
  • automatically list new products and new releases
  • automatically optimize listings for maximum relevance
  • automatically update listings when products sell out or have low inventory
Merchbar also conducts transactions, processes credit cards, provides customer service, distributes merchandise across additional networks and sends personalized new merch notifications to fans.
To learn more about partnering with Merchbar, visit https://www.merchbar.com/artists.
To sign up to join Merchbar visit http://mrchbr.co/Partner-Interest-Form
To request listing of a certain item please email artists@merchbar.com.
It's completely free for artists, labels, merch companies and merch distributors to join Merchbar. There are no up-front costs or additional fees to list your products on Spotify. Merchbar only makes money by taking a small percentage of purchases made on Merchbar. If you work with a merch company, label or distributor, they are likely already absorbing the cost associated with listing and selling products on Merchbar. To learn more about how Merchbar works click here.

Unfortunately we have no way of updating this manually on our side, so you’ll need to contact Facebook support to get this changed.

Artist Radio is based on Related Artists; If an Artist has no Related Artists, then Radio experiences will not be available for that Artist. If an Artist does have Related Artists but their Radio does not start, the Radio may unavailable due to technical difficulties and / or certain regional restrictions. If you are an Artist with Related Artists displayed on your Artist Page, but your Radio is not starting, contact artists@spotify.com with the following information so that Spotify can investigate:


  • Artist Name

  • Spotify URL

  • In the body of your message, make sure to mention your Related Artists are available but the Radio does not start.

Unfortunately there's no way to connect a Spotify account with a Facebook page due to backend limitations. You can connect a Spotify account with a Facebook account, but not a page right now. This is why we encourage folks to link directly to playlists and profiles on their Facebook pages. To do that, simply right-click on the playlist or track and choose ‘Copy HTTP link’. Then you’ll be able to paste the link on your social media like you would any other link.

 Local File Image

These are local files which means that they have been pulled from your computer to the Spotify desktop client.  They can only be played on your computer and no one else can search for them or play them!  For more information about local files, click here

Track Unavailable

You may see this icon next to a playlist track. It means you can’t play the track’s album in your country, but Spotify has found the same track on a substitute album, which you can play. If you want to know where the track came from, click the chain icon to go to this substitute album.



Merchbar is the official partner for artist merchandise on Spotify and makes it easy to list your merchandise on Spotify.

If you have any issues or questions on integrating your merch with Merchbar you can contact them directly via this page: https://www.merchbar.com/artists

Because artist radio stations are created algorithmically, we need data in order to populate it.  There can therefore be a delay in the Start Radio button showing up. Your artist radio station will appear automatically when we have enough data.

The verification form on this website is only for artists, however verifications can in some cases be granted to non-artists.

  • If you are a label you can submit a verification request here.

  • If you are a brand, nonprofit or editorial entity you can find out more about verification here.
We’re asking all Spotify Fan Insights users to connect their Fan Insights account with their Spotify account. Linking the two accounts makes Spotify Fan Insights more powerful by unlocking new features like artist image upload. To connect your accounts:

  1. Head to the Fan Insights login page.
  2. Log into Fan Insights.
  3. Click on “Connect accounts” when prompted. 
  4. Make sure you’re logged into the Spotify account you want to connect to Fan Insights — this is the login you’ll use for Fan Insights in the future. You’ll continue to have access to to the same artist or artists inside of your dashboard.
  5. Click "Connect".

And you're all set! The next time you open Fan Insights, you’ll see a small blue camera icon on your artist image. Clicking on that will launch the Spotify desktop app where you can change the photo fans see when they visit your artist page or search for your music. Artist_Identity_Message_Joseph2-03 Once your accounts are connected, you’ll sign into Fan Insights using your Spotify login. Your old email & password combo will no longer work. If you’ve been sharing an account with a partner, collaborator, or friend, they’ll also no longer be able to log into Fan Insights. You can have them request access here.