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A New Concert Tab for Artist Pages

Your artist page is your homepage on Spotify. It’s where all of your music lives — and it’s where fans can discover more about who you are and what’s happening with you.

Today we’re adding a new “Concerts” tab to your artist page so fans can see all of your upcoming tour dates in one place. We already let fans know when you’re playing near them via personalized concert recommendations and a geo-targeted “On Tour” section. And now it’s easy for anyone to find your next stop on the road.

The “Concerts” tab is rolling out today in the Spotify desktop app. All tour dates are automatically pulled from Songkick. You can update your listings using Songkick’s Tourbox or by emailing

Say Hello to Release Radar

You spend weeks, months, and even years making new music — and we know that drive to create is what being an artist is all about. We also know it’s hard work making new fans, so when you release new music, we want to make it easy for them to hear it first.To date, we’ve […]

A simpler design for your artist page

Today, we’re rolling out a simpler header design for artist pages in our desktop app. The new design gives more emphasis to your full artist image, while removing the secondary profile photo. Instead of managing two different photos, now you’ll have a consistent look that runs throughout all of Spotify.If you want to update your […]

Since releasing Spotify Fan Insights beta, we’ve spent time with many artists and managers understanding how you’re using the dashboard and what we can do to make it even more useful. Based on that feedback, we recently added a number of new features to Fan Insights — including the ability to: Download your Fan Insights […]

Merchbar to Power Artist Merch on Spotify

Selling merchandise is a simple way for you to connect with listeners and help fuel your career. Starting today, we’ll be working with Merchbar — which features the largest selection of artist gear on the internet — to display your merchandise on Spotify. Merchbar offers shirts, socks, and even pineapple leggings from over 35,000 of the world’s artists. Once your merch […]

At Spotify, our approach to helping you grow your fanbase is unique. We employ a special blend of human and machine curation to match your music with the perfect set of Spotify listeners. With over 75m music lovers on Spotify, we know your next fans are already here no matter what kind of music you […]

We’re super excited to announce a major new milestone today: Spotify listeners are playing more than one billion streams per week from Spotify’s own playlists.We have thousands of these curated playlists within Browse, each of which is handmade around a specific mood, moment or genre. Some of these playlists – like Rap Caviar, Baila Reggaeton, […]

Spotify was founded for two reasons: to bring all the music in the world to all the world’s music fans in a fun, easy and affordable way – and to create real value for the music industry again, including labels, publishers and the terrific songwriters and artists who create and perform the music we love. […]