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Best Practice Vol. 3: Utilising the Spotify Play Button & Follow Button

Hi and welcome to the latest Spotify Best Practices blog.

In Best Practice Vol. 1: Artist Verification, we looked at how to get your Spotify profile verified. In Best Practice Vol 2: Creating your first Playlist, we found out what’s changed with your profile now that you’re verified, how to make a playlist and how to share that playlist amongst your followers.

In this post we’re going to check out a couple of key tools that are available for artists and how to make use of them.


Spotify Follow Button


The Spotify Follow Button is a button that can be embedded on your website and blog, making it even easier for fans to follow you on Spotify.

Similar to Twitter’s Follow or Facebook’s Like button, visitors to your sites simply need to click the button to start following you.

Followers will then receive email, mobile and in-client notifications any time you release new music, create playlists or share music within Spotify. More followers = more streams of your music!

To generate the code for your Follow Button and for further info, please click here.

Check out the below examples of the Follow Button in action:




Spotify Play Button


Spotify’s Play Button is a short piece of code that can be embedded on your website or blog, allowing you to create a music player quickly and easily.

You can choose to embed playlists, albums or even just individual tracks. Customizable themes and sizes mean that the button can fit in with different styles. 

Spotify’s Play Button means that you can power the music on your website easily and without having to send visitors away. Crucially, and unlike other embeddable players, the Spotify Play Button generates revenue from every listen.


How do I generate the code?

1. Right click on the playlist, album or track, then select ‘Copy Spotify URI’:


The Clash


2. Visit the following link: Spotify Play Button.

3. Paste the Spotify URI into the field as directed:


The Clash Play button code


This will then generate the code that you can copy & paste into your website and blog:




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  • alex forselius

    I want to get in touch with the ones who manages the playlists Sound Escapes and some other which features space music, as I’m an artist authoring similar type of music. Also, I’d want to be able make my music visible to other artists in the same style like Brian Eno, Biosphere, Carbon Based Lifeforms. You should have better matching feature. I think it would be easier if you could help putting some of my songs on the playlists I mentioned.

    • http://SpotifyArtists.com/ Mark Williamson

      I’m afraid we can’t share the details of playlist owners for legal reasons. You may be able to send them music on Spotify depending on the privacy settings. Related artists are generated by listening behaviour, so if a lot of people listen to your music alongside Biosphere and add you to playlists with Biosphere then your related artists section will start to reflect that. See here for more info: http://www.spotifyartists.com/faq/#how-are-the-artists-on-the-radio-and-related-artists-populated

  • alex forselius

    Also, how does the editors on browse (earlier Tunigo), do when looking for new good music to their playlists beyond the trending ones? How and where do they search when looking for new music? I want to know it so I can boost my visibility of my releases to these editors to increase my chances to get there without having to mail out directly to them.

    • http://SpotifyArtists.com/ Mark Williamson

      Our editors are selecting music based on a variety of factors including research, data, trends and their own taste and knowledge. Each editor is different and there’s no hidden tricks to getting in front of them, they look far and wide for music so the best way is to continue to make great music!

  • http://www.luckyandlove.com April Love

    Thanks for the instructions Spotify. I found that the follow button didn’t work great on Facebook, and Twitter especially if they are on mobile. It’s too small to even see.

    Fellow Musicians: If you like electro synth pop music, then will ya follow Lucky&Love ?

    Here is our profile https://open.spotify.com/artist/4RYAWUwhQRqnghKUUFGV0L


    Reason being, we are a new band and do not have the full 250 followers as of yet to edit our profile, after you are done, share your music with us too!