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Best Practice Vol. 2: Creating your first playlist

Hello and welcome to the second instalment in our “Best Practice” series – helping artists and their teams to get the most out of Spotify.

In our first post, Best Practice Vol. 1: “Artist Verification” we looked at what verification on Spotify means and how to get verified. If you haven’t seen that post or are not verified yet, then we recommend you check it out first.

If you are now verified, then what has changed with your account and what’s the next step? 

Your profile on Spotify now centers around two properties – your Artist Discography (where your catalog lives) and your Spotify Profile (where you create playlists and share music).


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.34.29


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.34.53


A user can easily switch between the two pages by clicking ‘View Spotify Profile’ (for playlists) or ‘View Discography’ (for catalog). You’ll notice that your followers have been combined, with the total number appearing on both pages. This means that a follower of either the Discography page or the Spotify profile is now a follower of both.

So, profile verified, followers combined – what’s the next step? Time to get playlisting & sharing!

Check out the simple step by step process below to get your first playlist up and running.


1. Log in to your account

Log in to your Verified account either through the desktop client or play.spotify.com. Enter your chosen username & password, then hit ‘Log In’. If you’ve forgotten your password already, no problem! Just hit ‘Forgot your password?’.

 Log in screen

2. Tweak some settings

To give you more control over your playlists, tweak your privacy settings. On the menu bar, click Spotify, then Preferences. Uncheck the option to make new playlists public. This will enable you to finalize a new playlist before making it public to fans.

 New Playlists Public


3. Create Playlist and add songs

In the left hand navigation bar, click ‘+ New Playlist’. Give your playlist a name and hit enter.

New playlist

Search among the millions of tracks from Spotify’s catalog. You can add songs to a playlist by dragging and dropping them onto the playlist title in the left hand navigation bar.

It’s worth noting that when adding a track, the default setting automatically places it to the bottom of a playlist. Reorganise tracks by clicking on the playlist title, then dragging and dropping the tracks into the order of your choice.


Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 13.51.25


4. Make your playlist public

Remember, the playlist is currently set to ‘Secret’. To make it Public, right click on the playlist title and select ‘Make Public’.

Make Public


5. Share your playlist

Your playlist is now ready to share amongst your followers!

You can share directly to your other social networks and to your followers within Spotify. It’s simply a case of right clicking on the playlist title, select ‘Share’, add a few words, select what networks you want to reach, then click the ‘Share’ button.

To find out the best way to share to each individual network, please see the website section on Sharing.

Share playlist 


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