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Artist Services’ Favorites of the Week – Aug. 22, 2014

The members of the Spotify Artist Services team are, first and foremost, music fans. We’re always looking for new music to add to our Spotify playlists and share with our friends and fellow music lovers. So every week we’ll post our favorite new tracks and albums here on the Spotify Artists blog and hope you share what you’re vibing to in the comments!


Here’s what the team’s been digging this week:

Mark : “The War On Drugs — Lost In The Dream. Still obsessed with this album. Should be counted up there at the end of decade “albums”. Even if we have a while yet…”


“This week I’ve been delving deep into some Bob Dylan.  Certainly check out classics like Highway 61 Revisited, but don’t forget underrated gems like Desire and Time Out of Mind either!”


Jordan : “The Spotify Viral-50 is doing some really good work this week. Good job, everyone! The Top-3 in the US are all bangers: alt-J’s new single Every Other Freckle, Ryn Weaver’s OctaHate, and  The Knocks’ 
Classic (feat. Powers). Listen to our playlist of the entire chart here, this week is a particularly good one.”


Skeet : Hole – Malibu – Been listening to this all week. Forgot how much I liked this whole album.”


Rosa : “VÉRITÉ – Strange Enough with a solid beat and her awesome voice, this track has been my song of the week.”


David : “In preparation for their upcoming album I’ve been jamming out to the latest singles by Shovels & RopeThe Devil is All Around’ and ‘Swimmin’ Time.”  If you haven’t heard these folk-rock spouses yet you’re seriously missing out!”


minutemen press_2Ulf : “For some reason I have been really into the Minutemen again. I always loved their stuff and the documentary on the band entitled “We Jam Econo” is excellent. The band had a bit of a late moment in the sun when Minutemen – Corona was chosen as the title music to “Jackass” but they have so much more to offer. Their guitarist D. Boon (who passed away in a freak car accident entirely too soon) vowed to never play a power chord to give drums and bass the space they felt they deserved and the fact that they called their (in my opinion) greatest album Minutemen – Double Nickels On The Dime, which I only recently discovered stands for driving 55 on the I-10 are just some of the fascinating facts about this great band. Check them out!” 


Jordan : “Thanks to David’s Dylan recommendation I just got the urge to listen to Time Out Of Mind by Steely Dan so that’s what I’m doing right now.”


David : “Benjamin Booker’s eponymous debut displays way more grit than his 22 years would suggest.  Make sure especially to check out the infectious lead single, Violent Shiver.”


Britt : “Duran Duran – Notorious  ‘Nuff Said.  #Throwback Thursday.”


Skeet : Bratmobile – Gimme Brains – Some friends watched the awesome Kathleen Hanna doc and wanted some Riot Grrrl 101. One of my favs.


Ulf : We are supporting a new event series here in Berlin entitled D.N.A. Berlin with the first event kicking off alongside Berlin Music Week. Their first event playlist is here: DNA BLN #1. Cool stuff from artists such as Losers and Backstab Burial and definitely an event to keep an eye on!


Also check out what our artist friends have been listening to:

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