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Artist Services’ Favorites of the Week – Aug. 15, 2014

The members of the Spotify Artist Services team are, first and foremost, music fans. We’re always looking for new music to add to our Spotify playlists and share with our friends and fellow music lovers. So every week we’ll post our favorite new tracks and albums here on the Spotify Artists blog and hope you share what you’re vibing to in the comments!


Here’s what the team’s been digging this week:

Jordan :Digitalism has been around for more than a decade, but their latest single might be their best yet. Either way, it’s my favorite song of week. It’s called ‘Wolves’, features Youngblood Hawke, and you can listen to it (along with a ton of remixes) here.”


LeonElseRosa : “This week’s go-to is the swoon-y, croon-y voice of Leon Else and the title track of his newest release, River Full of Liquor.”


Skeet : “I LOVE MAKONNEN – I Don’t Sell Molly No More. The one that started it all for “West Coast Makonnen” ATL via LA Drake just hopped on his single “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday.” God Bless ATLANTA.”


David : Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ new album Hypnotic Eye not only stacks up to some of his all time greats but is also Mr. Petty’s first ever #1 record.  Make sure especially to check out “Fault Lines” and “Red River.” 


Ulf : “This week in 1991, Metallica – Metallica, otherwise known as “The Black Album” was released. After the raw power of Metallica – Kill ‘Em All and Metallica – Ride The Lightning the band had already began to blow up with Metallica – Master Of Puppets (helped, among other things by touring with Ozzy Osbourne in the US) but it was “The Black Album” and its lead single Metallica – Enter Sandman that sealed the deal and made them the biggest metal band in the world – to this day. Between these four albums, they built and cemented a legacy that changed heavy metal forever.”


Jordan :Porter Robinson‘s new album Worlds is out this week and is amazing; a mix of Passion Pit, M83, and Daft Punk with just a bit of Porter’s older EDM stuff thrown in for good measure. Spoon’s They Want My Soul is also still on heavy rotation.”


David : Ryan Adams’ new singles “Gimme Something Good” and “My Wrecking Ball” bode well for his upcoming eponymous release.  Plus they’ve given me an excuse to go back and re-listen to his entire catalogue.  Time well spent, I say.   


brittkeiszaBritt : “Kiesza on repeat. She came to the office for a session last week (it’ll be on Spotify soon!) and I dressed up .. as her .. for the occasion.”


Skeet : Sleater-Kinney – Get Up Always surprises me when people talk about Carrie from SK as the girl from Portlandia. I’ve been revisiting their catalog and still as great as ever.”


Ulf : “Summer is starting to come to an end here in Germany soon which means it’s time to bring out some fall music. For me, one of the bands that have always checked that box are The Cure. Tracks like The Cure – A Night Like This or The Cure – One More Time just encompass that vibe of falling leaves and shorter days. For those of you that want to check out something darker than most everything out there, I recommend The Cure – One Hundred Years – the closest thing to a sonic and lyrical apocalypse ever.”


Also check out what our artist friends have been listening to:

The 1975 made us an August Mixtape, perfect for late-summer lounging.

Andrew McMahon, the former Jack’s Mannequin/Something Corporate frontman, is back with a new single “Cecilia and the Satellite”. Listen to the track and others that are currently influencing him on this playlist.”


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