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Spotify & Next Big Sound Artist Analytics

As part of Spotify’s ongoing effort to help artists grow their careers, we’re teaming up with the premier music analytics company, Next Big Sound, to make Spotify listening data available to artists and their managers for free.

As an artist you will soon be able to see how much your music is being listened to on Spotify, which of your songs are most popular, and demographic information about your fans like their age, gender and location. Next Big Sound’s dashboard also enables you to see all of this data over time and alongside other important metrics like your fans’ activity on Twitter and Facebook.


When is this happening?

Starting today artists and managers will be able to register to access their Spotify data through Next Big Sound. We require registration as we need to vet each application to ensure that only artists and their direct managers have access to their valuable data.

Depending on the volume of requests we receive it may take a few weeks for us to approve your request, but we’ll be working hard to get you access as fast as possible.

UPDATE: Current estimate for authorisation is now 1-2 weeks. 


Who can access Spotify analytics?

Only artists and their official managers will be approved to access their Spotify data through Next Big Sound.

During the approval process we may require proof of your relationship to the artist(s) you have requested data for. Since we respect every artist’s privacy, we kindly request that you apply for access to data related to your own music or that of artists you manage directly.


Great, how do I register?

To get started, head to http://nextbigsound.com/spotify

If you don’t already have a Next Big Sound account you will be asked to create one in a few easy steps. If you already have a Next Big Sound account you can login with your existing information.


Search for your artist(s)

Search for the artist(s) that you would like to see analytics for and click the “+” to add them to your request list. You may request multiple artists at once. (Remember you will only be approved for artists you have a direct relationship with).

When done, hit the “Request Access” button to submit.

Once submitted you should receive an email confirmation of your application. At this point you can login to Next Big Sound and view other available metrics, but you will not be able to see Spotify data yet.


Await Approval

We are expecting a large volume of requests so please bear with us as we work to approve your request. This may take a few weeks but once we have approved your request you will receive a notification email. You can then login to Next Big Sound and see your Spotify data!

Once authorized, all Spotify data in Next Big Sound will be free, however, data from other services may require a subscription.

UPDATE: Current estimate for authorisation is now 1-2 weeks. 

If you have any questions, you can use the Contact Us section on this website. Please ensure you select the “Spotify Data and / or Next Big Sound” option in the drop down box. 

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