You can find all information about how to get your music on Spotify here. We'd love to have your music on our service!

Full Discography PageA discography page is where an artist’s music lives on Spotify, including Albums, Singles, and 'Appears On'.  This page is automatically created when your content is sent to Spotify.  It can also include merchandise and tour dates - helping artists to make the most of their spotify presence.

Once you have 250 followers, you can verify your artist page here. This will allow you to merge your user account (whether your personal or newly created, separate Spotify account) with your discography page and share playlists with your fans.

We get all of our artist images from the Rovi database.  You can submit your image to Rovi here.

User Profile - G-EazyA Spotify profile is where a user can create & publish playlists and share & listen to music.  

Verified artist profiles become merged with discographies for easier sharing.  

You are able to get followers by doing a number of things:

  • Play Button
  • Follow Button
  • Share page
  • Share playlists
  • Once you have 250 followers, verify your profile.  

Learn more on how to increase your followers here.

We get all of our default profile images and bios directly from Rovi. Once your information is updated there your Spotify profile will be updated automatically!

You can find out how to create a Rovi ID and submit your picture here.  For information regarding the Rovi image or bios please contact Rovi directly at content.music@rovicorp.com.

Verified Account Alt-J

Artists with over 250 followers can claim their discography by submitting an artist verification request. Verification merges an artist's discography with a user profile of their choice, and allows them to share playlists directly with their fans.

To find out more about artist verification, click here

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.30.27 PM

Once you have 250 artist page followers, you can verify your profile here.  

If you don't yet have 250 followers, visit our best practices page to find out how you can get there.  

  • Discography + User Profile: Once an artist is verified, their user profile is merged with their discography, creating a single artist page.
  • Badge: A small blue check mark goes next to your name, letting your follower's know that you are verified.
  • Followers: After the pages are combined, your followers will be too (artist discography page + user profile followers).
  • Notifications: Anytime you release music or create a playlist on the service all the followers of the profile will be notified automatically.
  • Log In: You will still be able to log in and make playlists on the same account.

The experience is only different externally - as in users will see all activity as coming from the artist page. The playlist-creation and log in is exactly the same.

Pages are usually updated within four weeks. Please submit requests being mindful of this timeline.

You can go here for a step by step process. Also, watch the video tutorial here: Playlist Tutorial.

Once verified, you will have the ability to manually update playlist images and descriptions from the desktop client.

This gives you more control over how you shape a playlist before making it visible to fans. This isn’t a necessity, but is however highly recommended.

Learn more about playlisting here.

Yes! We encourage fans to follow you on Spotify by posting your Spotify URL.

We recommend adding your URL to --

  • Facebook "About" section
  • Your Twitter bio
  • YouTube descriptions

Finding your Artist Page URL

You can find your URL by doing the following:

  • Go to your artist page
  • Right-click on your artist name
  • Click 'Copy HTTP Link'
  • Paste

Learn more on how to gain followers here.

Unfortunately there's no way to connect a Spotify account with a Facebook page due to backend limitations. You can connect a Spotify account with a Facebook account, but not a page right now. This is why we encourage folks to link directly to playlists and profiles on their Facebook pages. To do that, simply right-click on the playlist or track and choose ‘Copy HTTP link’. Then you’ll be able to paste the link on your social media like you would any other link.

Unfortunately we have no way of updating this manually on our side, so you’ll need to contact Facebook support to get this changed.

The Browse page is totally algorithmic based on streaming data. This means that the albums are recommended based on what other people are listening to in your region. All new albums that get uploaded to the service are put into the algorithm, and if a lot of people listen to it in a particular area it will show up on the page.

The more you are followed, shared and appear in playlists, the more you will appear in a user’s Discover Feed.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.34.09 PM  Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.33.42 PM

Artist radio stations are created algorithmically, based on streaming data, therefore the more active listeners you have on Spotify, the more customized your radio station will become.  

Because artist radio stations are created algorithmically, we need data in order to populate it.  There can therefore be a delay in the Start Radio button showing up. Your artist radio station will appear automatically when we have enough data.

You can go to Tourbox (tour date management platform) where you can start managing your Songkick artist page and edit dates (as well as sync all your other online profiles so you only have to enter once to publish everywhere): http://tourbox.songkick.com.  You can contact Songkick directly at spotifysupport@songkick.com.

Please contact Songkick directly at spotifysupport@songkick.com.

Include the incorrect Artist URI and your proper Artist URI. You can find your Artist URI by doing the following:

  • Go to the artist page
  • Right-click on the artist name
  • Click 'Copy HTTP Link'
  • Paste in email

If you are using BandPage to get your merch on Spotify please contact:


You can find more about Spotify's exciting BandPage integration here.

 Local File Image

These are local files which means that they have been pulled from your computer to the Spotify desktop client.  They can only be played on your computer and no one else can search for them or play them!  For more information about local files, click here

Track Unavailable

You may see this icon next to a playlist track. It means you can’t play the track’s album in your country, but Spotify has found the same track on a substitute album, which you can play. If you want to know where the track came from, click the chain icon to go to this substitute album.



We get all of our content, including music, album art, and metadata from third-party distributors like record labels, CDBaby, TuneCore, etc. We have no way to change this data manually, so you'll need to contact your digital distributor to have them submit a metadata update.

Please contact us directly via our contact form.

Please reach out to your distributor to have them submit a takedown request to Spotify.  We are unable to manually take down a product on Spotify.

As you might know, we have entered into agreement with the major labels and the biggest indie aggregators such as Merlin Networks (representing thousands of labels such as Beggars Group, Domino, Kontor, Finetunes, PIAS and many more), The Orchard, CDBaby, INgrooves and IODA. Going through an aggregator that already has set up an agreement and delivery process with us is the fastest and easiest way to go for labels.

If you collaborate with any of these distributors already, then contact them to get your content on Spotify. Or, if you are distributing your content through another distributor, then please let us know - maybe its one we have a deal with.

If you don't have a deal with an aggregator/distributor, then the easiest and fastest way on board is to become a Merlin member (which is free of charge) - then you will automatically be covered by our agreement with them. More info is found here: http://www.merlinnetwork.org/join/

Once you have an agreement through Merlin, then we can provide you with the delivery details.