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Update to Artist Verification Process and Image Updates

Starting on March 2, 2015 we’ll be introducing new rules to improve our Verified Artist program as well as an updated and easier process for apply for verification.

These rules will NOT affect artists who have already been verified on Spotify, but will apply to ALL new verification requests.


Minimum Followers Criteria: 250 Follower Requirement

From the 2nd of March all artists requesting verification will need to have at least 250 followers on their artist page to qualify for verification. 

Requiring artists to build a small following on Spotify before verification helps us to verify artists in a timely way and improve our wider artist support.

We have chosen a low number so that even very new artists can still get verified and use Spotify’s tools to grow their audience even further.

To check how many followers you have, visit your artist page on Spotify and look in the top right corner, if you have more than 250 followers, then you qualify for verification. 

New Verification Process:  Visit

Alongside the new rules, we’re introducing a new and improved verification request form which can be found here.

If you are requesting verification of an artist via this form you will need to supply evidence that the artist meets the minimum criteria of 250 followers.

This information will be cross-checked by our verification team and if the request meets the minimum requirements then you’ll be on your way to getting verified! 

What if I don’t have 250 followers yet?

Don’t worry, we can help you get there! Below are a series of links with advice and tools to help you reach 250 followers on your artist page: 

Spotify Artists Best Practices

Using the Spotify Follow Button

Sharing on Spotify

 New Image Update Process Via Rovi: For previously verified artists AND new submissions.

Avatar images will now need to update here via Rovi to ensure your artist avatar image is up to date on all Spotify platforms (i.e. Desktop, Mobile, iPad).

Information before you submit:

  • Know your Rovi ID. If you do not know or have a Rovi ID, please reach out to to retrieve before proceeding.

  • Images submitted here will take up to two (2) weeks to process.

  • If you chose not to update your image, the default image will be your most current AllMusic page image.

  • If you do not have an AllMusic/Rovi ID the default image is your most recent album cover. Should you be interested in creating a Rovi ID, please contact

For a successful image update please fill out and press submit here for the following:

  • The Rovi Image Doc and

  • Upload a 2048 x 2048 pixel JPEG to the Box folder below.

Have additional questions? 

Visit our FAQ Section.

Contact Us.




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  • Marius Engel Jensen

    Hi Rosa. Sounds interresting. But how about the Discography Banner picture? By avatar I guess you mean the small profile picture right?..- I like how you update your photo for playlists and maybe the same feature could be activated regarding the banner picture. So us, the verified representatives can add a banner picture? what are your thoughts and future actions on this subject?

    Best, MariusEJ
    Official York, Planet Love Records, Planet Chill, Ayla admin

    • Mark Williamson

      Hey Marius,

      We’re working on being able to update the header image but I’m afraid we don’t have a timeframe for this yet. Thanks for the feedback though, we’re definitely aware of the need for this feature. More when we have it.

      • Marius Engel Jensen

        Hi Mark,

        Thank you for your answer. I have a few thoughts on the Spotify experience, seen from the view of an admin and one who cares greatly about the artists he is involved with. I will share these thoughts with you here and maybe you can take them with your for your organisation/consideration.

        To me the most ideal set-up would be allowing the verified representatives of the artist more freedom to edit the profiles. So that we would be able to change profile + header + playlist pictures.

        1) I come across several incorrect discographys (wrong release year, releases filed under wrong sections). How about so some kind of drag and drop system within the disco area? So the verified admin/artist, when loged into their account, can arrange their catalogue on their own? hide releases that are now by them, correct the release year if wrong.

        2) Another challenge is several artists with the same name. Maybe you could sort artists under their real name + job description. I am the admin of the official Ayla EDM music project – German dj and producer Ingo Kunzi. But there is another Ayla profle on Spotify. She is an australian singer-songwriter.

        So when searching on Spotify and you get several similar artist names it would maybe look something like this.

        You get to see the artist profile pictures with a short text:

        * Ayla: Ingo Kunzi. German producer, songwriter, dj

        * Ayla: Ayla Scanlan. Australian singer/songwriter

        3) On the main page of an artist site you got the ‘Overview’, ‘Related artists’, ‘Biography’ links.
        How about adding, under the ‘Overview/discography’ section, a few sublinks ‘Albums’, ‘Singles’, ‘Compilations’. In that way the listener, by clicking on these links, will be taken dirrectly to the desired section? Usefull when you have an artist with a large disco, so that the listener will not have to scroll all the way down everytime they visit.

        4) New tracks added to a playlist should always appear on the top of the list?! currently the are placed at the bottom.

      • Marius Engel Jensen

        In connection with the Ayla subject.
        A few weeks back I contacted Spotify for artists to have our official Ayla account verified. Your collegues did, but – I guess because of several similar artist names – they have connected the wrong catalogue to my profile. So my official account is now synced with the other Ayla’s catalogue.

        I have attached a picture. Under artist the our artist is the second from the left, but as you can see they have verfied the first from the left, wich is the catalogue of the australian singer.

        Any chance you could guide me to some that can sort this out?



    Good thing I’m already verified — not sure about the fairness of requiring 250 followers to verify an artist. Finding recognition is an extremely hard thing for beginning, independent artists and this definitely doesn’t help.

    • Mark Williamson

      Hi Wolf,

      We actually think this will help in the long run.

      We looked into our data and saw that 250 was a low enough figure that most working artists who are actively building a fan base could achieve relatively quickly. We also cross referenced our own data by looking at the twitter following numbers of many of the artists requesting verification and the majority had over 250 followers so we feel this number is low enough as to not be too exclusive.

      However, what this criteria will allow us to do is to focus on improving verification for those who do get verified. We were getting a lot of verification requests from people who weren’t really artists who were actively building fan bases. This included page that contained sound effects or other non music content. By requiring a small number of followers we are able to reduce the instances of this and not only allow us to dedicate more resource to verified artists, but also to improve the currency of verification as only active artists will then get verified.

      In the long run, this will help artists to reach a wider audience as the support, tools and value of verification will improve.




        Okay, I get the idea. Thanks for explaining. Still, I’m personally not actively building a fanbase right now as I don’t really have something out that I can build that on — I’m writing an album due for later this year which I’ll probably try to get out there, and then my follower count will probably get higher, but in the meantime you’re not getting verified and being verified definitely helps in building a certain fanbase. But okay, it’s not really a problem for me anymore so I shouldn’t really complain.

  • Lasse Meling

    I would like to be able to change and write a bio to my Spotify Artist page without writing and sending material to Rovi, Allmusic and so on.. But How???


      Not possible; biographies written by artists can come out very promotional. I’d like to write my own bio as I make music because it’s fun, not to sell, but any artist wanting to make a living out of it can write a very biased bio. Rovi, while usually not the most informed, make biographies from a professional standpoint, so you can generally trust them more.

  • Mosray

    I’ve applied for almost 2 months ago and still not received any reply. What’s up?

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