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Discovery on Spotify: What it Means for Artists

At Spotify, our approach to helping you grow your fanbase is unique. We employ a special blend of human and machine curation to match your music with the perfect set of Spotify listeners. With over 75m music lovers on Spotify, we know your next fans are already here no matter what kind of music you make. It’s just a matter of reaching them.

Our team of curators create over 4,500 playlists including staples like Rap Caviar & TGIF that generate 1 billion streams per week for artists big and small. Fresh Finds combines machine and human curation to surface thousands of up-and-coming artists every month. And Discover Weekly, which is still less than a year old, has connected 40 million listeners with nearly 5 billion new songs in less than a year.

We’ve heard from all sorts of artists that Spotify has become an important way for them to grow their career and reach new fans. There are over 8,000 artists for whom more than half of their listeners in the last month were from Discover Weekly alone.

Several artists like BØRNS and Halsey have been discovered by over a million new listeners through Discover Weekly. And other artists like Transviolet, TastyTreat, and Safakash — all of whom have over half their monthly listeners coming from Discover Weekly — have used that bump to meaningfully grow their fanbase.

Sarah McTaggart of Los Angeles-based band Transviolet said, “getting our music in front of those who are open to discover new music has been key to getting us where we are today. Spotify’s support has meant so much to us. Not only is it a service we all love personally, but it’s played a huge part in getting our music out there.”

Features on Fresh Finds have also helped bring visibility to tons of great up-and-comers. Inclusion within Fresh Finds catalyzed Chicago-based producer Owen Bones’ rise to the top of Spotify’s viral charts, bringing his song Stuntman to more than 100,000 new listeners. And after being featured on Fresh Finds and other Spotify-curated playlists, LA-based pop trio MUNA were able to find a home on RCA.

To get featured on Fresh Finds, Discover Weekly, and our Spotify curated playlists, it’s as simple as making sure your music is on Spotify. Many of the bands featured on Fresh Finds start with less than 100 monthly listeners and end up with tens of thousands of listeners on average. Discover Weekly recommends artists of all sizes depending on a user’s personal taste in music and what similar fans are enjoying as well.

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your fanbase and reach new listeners, so we’re excited about continuing to find even more ways to bring you closer to your fans.


Discover Weekly Graph

Discover Weekly has helped supercharge Safakash’s fan growth.

Discover Weekly Chart

Over half of Safakash’s new listeners are discovering his music through Discover Weekly.

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