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Introducing Spotify Fan Insights


Today, we’re rolling out a limited beta of Spotify Fan Insights, a dashboard that helps artists better understand their Spotify listeners to more effectively grow and engage their fan base.

With over 75 million users and 1.7 billion hours of listening each month which adds up to 20 billion listening hours a year (and growing), Spotify has the largest, most engaged audience in the world. This high level of fan engagement opens up a big opportunity for artists to understand their fans more deeply.

We’re constantly looking for ways to bring artists and fans closer together and we’ve worked closely with artists and their teams to understand the most useful insights we can provide. Fan Insights helps artists better understand:


  • Who their fans are, including demographic information.
  • Where their listeners are in the world and how this audience is evolving and growing over time.
  • How their fan base is listening and their other music preferences.
  • The level of passion and engagement of fans and how these behaviours differ between passionate and casual listeners.


We’re excited to get additional feedback from more artists as we continue improving the product. Our ultimate goal is to help artists make more informed decisions about how to establish meaningful connections with their audience.

We’re just getting started. The limited beta of Fan Insights is rolling out today on desktop computers and a basic version is available on mobile. We have plans to open up broader access in the coming months; artists interested in learning more can request access here.


fan_engagement“Fan Engagement” shows how many fans tuned in over the past month, and surfaces unique listener behaviours.

how_they_listen“How They Listen” shows how fans listen to an artist across different areas within Spotify (e.g. expert playlists vs a listener’s own collection).

where_they_are“Where They Are” shows where an artist’s listeners and fans are by country.

playlistsThe Playlists tab shows the top playlists containing an artist’s music.


  • alex forselius
    2 weeks ago

    Awesome news! I have waited for this feature for years since 2009 when I got my first release up on Spotify, this gonna be exciting!

  • Dino Paravandis
    2 weeks ago

    Awesome – will these insights be available via the spotify api as well?

  • Koen Houtman
    2 weeks ago

    So, what exactly gives this tool to artists? I mean, would artists like seeiing this kind of stats to make music that fits more to their target groups and existing fanbase? Is this how spotify tries to convert music artists into musical marketeers? really, spotify?

    • Mark Williamson
      2 weeks ago

      We hope that providing data on about listening on Spotify will help artists to connect with their fans more effectively.

  • Kyle Kraft
    1 day ago

    Will a breakdown by city be available? This would help with tour booking a lot more than just getting a by country breakdown.

    • Mark Williamson
      8 hours ago

      Yes! Fan Insights does include a breakdown by city.

  • Jamie Gray
    1 day ago

    glad artists can see stats, now show stats to normal listeners! I want to be able to click a profile and see graphs and charts and lists of top songs, artists, number of listens per week, changes in genre, etc. the current profiles suck.

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