6 ways to get the most out of Spotify

More than 24 million music fans use Spotify to discover, listen to and share music every month. In an industry where music fans have gotten used to paying little or nothing for music, Spotify offers a legal platform that pays artists every time their music is enjoyed.

Spotify provides a range of artist tools that you can utilize to engage with your existing fans and to reach new ones. This section highlights 5 things you can be doing right now to get the most out of Spotify. Also, keep an eye on the Spotify Artist Blog and follow the @SpotifyArtists Twitter account for regular best practice updates. 

In addition to tools you can control, Spotify delivers a number of features that work automatically to help you grow your audience.

Alerts & Notifications

Spotify automatically generates notifications to your followers whenever you release new music, helping to ensure they never miss any of your releases. 


Notifications include email alerts, push mobile notifications and recommendations in the Discover feed.

Notifications include email alerts, push mobile notifications and recommendations in the Discover feed.


Social Recommendations 

Every time someone plays your music, Spotify helps it to reach more people. A deep integration with Facebook shares music amongst friends, and intelligent recommendations within Spotify help turn your fans into recommenders just by listening. 


Listening to music on Spotify generates notifications to followers within Spotify and also on Facebook.

Listening to music on Spotify generates notifications to followers within Spotify and also on Facebook.

Concert Recommendations

Spotify automatically recommends nearby concerts to fans who listen to a lot of your music or follow you. Nearby concerts are also shown to users visiting your artist discography page on Spotify. 

Spotify will recommend nearby concerts to users across the application and on mobile.

Spotify will recommend nearby concerts to users across the application and on mobile.

1. If your music is online, it should be on Spotify

If your music is available online, it should be available on legal services like Spotify. 

Music fans consume music in many different ways and ensuring your music is available where your fans want to listen to it is vital. By making your music available the day it is released, your fans can find, listen and share it. If your new music or your back catalog isn’t available on Spotify, then your fans may resort to piracy or services which monetize poorly in comparison to Spotify. 


Spotify's Discography Page

Spotify’s Discography Page


  • Check your back catalog: Are all of your records on Spotify? Fans love browsing and playing through back catalog. It’s an excellent way to earn royalties on music you have already sold in the past.

2. Tell your fans you're on Spotify

A lot of your existing fans will already be using Spotify. However, many of those fans might not have played your music on Spotify. Your last album might have come out before they joined Spotify, or maybe they used to listen to you on their iPod and haven’t yet playlisted you on Spotify. Whatever the reason, with 20 million songs on Spotify, it’s important that you let your fans know where to find yours.

Avicii tweets about his latest album "True"

Avicii tweets about his latest album “True”.


  • Announce new releases: Post Spotify links to new releases on your social networks. For more information on sharing your Spotify catalog, click here

  • Post Catalog Reminders: Regularly post reminders about your back catalog. For example, “On this day 5 years ago we released…” 

  • Add Spotify’s Play Button to your website: Add Spotify links and play buttons to your website. For more info, click here.

  • Add Spotify links to YouTube and other video descriptions: This encourages people to playlist your music to listen to in the future. 

3. Verify your artist page

Verified Artist Banner LDR

Spotify’s Verified feature allows artists to connect a user profile to their discography page on Spotify. Doing this displays the blue verified checkmark on your pages and will also unlock additional functionality that lets you share music and updates with your followers. It’s a great way to start engaging with your followers. 


  • Get verified: Follow the instructions below to create a Spotify profile and verify your discography page. 

  • Customize your page: add an avatar and change your display name. See instructions below. 

  • For more information on verification and customizing your artist page, click here 

4. Focus on growing your Followers

Building followers on Spotify is great way to keep in touch with your fans. Not only do followers get a series of automatic notifications (new releases, concerts, reviews), but if you have a verified profile you can also share music and updates with them (see next section). Think of followers like an extension of your mailing list. Every time you have a new release or announce a concert, your followers will be notified! 

David Guetta is the most followed artist on Spotify.

David Guetta is the most followed artist on Spotify.


  • Add the Spotify Follow Button to your website.

  • Post links to your discography on social media: Use social media & email to encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify. 

  • For more information on Followers and the Follow button, click here.

5. Share with your fans

So now you have followers on Spotify, how do you engage with them? Your Verified profile enables you to communicate with them by sharing music. Every time you create a playlist or share a song, Spotify will show that activity to your followers.

Armin Van Buuren's 'A State of Trance Radio' playlist has over 160k followers.

Armin Van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance Radio’ playlist has over 160k followers.

Whether you have 100 or 100,000 followers, your fans will be interested in the music that you’re listening to right now, the artists that influenced you or a setlist from your latest live show. Sharing music gives your fans new insight into you as an artist and helps to drive streams of your own music. By creating great playlists, you also give your fans something to share with their friends, which in turn helps new people to discover your own music.


  • Follow artists you like: this shows fans the kind of artists that you listen to & helps them discover the music you love. 

  • Share single tracks & albums you’re listening to : sharing single songs is a quick & easy way to engage with your followers. Hear a song you like? Just hit share & your followers will see it. 

6. See How You're Doing with Next Big Sound

As part of Spotify’s ongoing effort to help artists grow their careers, we’ve teamed up with the premier music analytics company, Next Big Sound, to make Spotify listening data available to artists and their managers for free. Next Big Sound’s dashboard also enables you to see all of this data over time and alongside other important metrics like your fans’ activity on Twitter and Facebook. That way, you can analyze all everything you’ve done on Spotify and see how much your Spotify streams have increased!

NBS white background


  • Read about Next Big Sound and why it matters here.

  • Apply to see your Spotify data hereIf you run into issues registering or have any questions about the registration process, this blog post should help.

  • Read this overview for a full breakdown of how to use and get the most out of Next Big Sound once you’re approved for access.